Someone would asked, what is the origin of this disease,how long have it been in existence. My 1970598_786596778037983_4693347800820019384_nname is Osuji Innocent, am a first class engineer trained and study in Europe, I got some information for you. From Wikipedia, they said Ebola have been existing for donkey of years, if that is the case, I got some question for you. It was written in Wikipedia that Ebola started in 1976 in Sudan, that a river in Sudan was named Ebola, the question here is, how was the river infected? There was no answer to it. Okay, they said in Wikipedia that another outbreak of Ebola was in 1989 in Philippians, when some Philippians’ where transporting monkeys to Virginia, and the money were infected. They did not tell us how the money was infected. Now from 1976 to 1989 is 13 years, what happened? We never had of any disease name Ebola on radio, television, newspapers, we never had any documentary of Ebola, our researchers never had any information on it, and Ebola was not mention in secondary school or higher institution. What happened? How did they contain the disease that it did not spread in Africa,if there is a drug for it then, why didn’t we had about it? a disease which can kill someone from 2 to 21 days? Even when it is obvious that the corpse of an infected person can transmit or infect another person, why is it that the disease never spread, in Africa we struggle for space in the market square to move around. Let us proceed, they said another outbreak of Ebola was in Ivory Coast in 1994, that a female nurse was diagnosing a chimpanzee and the chimpanzee was infected still yet we never had anything on the news, radio or television. What happen? We never had that people are dying in thousands, and in 1994 we never had about Ebola, from 1976 to 1994 is 18 years, we never had about any disease call Ebola, was it that there was no technology to discover the disease? No, technologies have been since 17th century. Another outbreak of Ebola is in 2014 in Liberia. Do not be deceived, they said Ebola started from 1976 in Sudan, to 1989 in Philippians to 1994 in Ivory Coast, to 1-98282014 in Liberia, is Ebola a naturally born disease? Why is it that since they said Ebola started people have not die in thousands, only in 2014 that people are dying in thousands? Take it or leave it, base on my personal conclusion, the information in Wikipedia is false information. Someone inject it there to make it look real, to cover up his or her dirty thrash. In my conclusion there was no Ebola in 1976, 1989, and 1994 respectively, but there is Ebola in 2014. If Ebola have been since 1976 no single soul would have been alive up to date, imagine the way we walk in the market square, imagine the way we shake hands, the way we hold one another, parents and children playing simultaneously, Africa would have been wipe out completely in the face of the Earth. People are busy talking about the source of transfer of Ebola, but no one have come to think about the origin of this disease, the only information they gave to us is that someone can contact Ebola when you eat what money ate or bats ate, but I put it to you, many of us have monkeys as pet, and nothing have happen to them, many of our grandfather feed on fruit that monkeys and other animals fed and nothing happen to them. If Ebola is gotten from the monkeys and animals our hunters would have died, our grandfathers would have perish, and there will be no need for this generation. If someone have to say there was a drug then how come we never had about it?, why is it that there was no documentary for the disease? a disease of such magnitude that can kill from 2 to 21 days cannot be gotten from monkeys and other animals, Ebola is a deadly virus base on research, this deadly virus was inject in Africa by the American medical doctor in Liberia. If it was not injected by the western why is it that since people are dying in thousands NATO have not sit down to discuses about Africa. The last time they sat down they never discuses on how to help Africa because they are not interested. During the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, the Americans came and flee their medical doctor, they did not flee a footballer, they did not flee a lawyer, they did not flee an engineer, rather it was a medical doctor whom they flee and within 4 days they produce an experimental drug, an within one week we had the doctor is healthy, I put this to all medical practitioner how can it be possible to eliminate a deadly virus which can kill from 2 to 21 days without knowing the cause of the disease. Even within that one week interval, that the disease was viral, the President of Nigeria,  President Good-luck Jonathan ask the American for the experimental drugs, the Americans said it is too early to ask. No wonder while the started the American-African summit within that period, let it be as if they care for the Africans. If they care for Africa, why is it that the drug they gave to us, half was original drug and have fake drugs. If they care about us, why did American bound Nigeria for visa lottery, why did America stop given aid to Nigeria. Instead they said there court have given them the right to use Nigeria money, a country that use to give aid is now using the money of the third world country as they say.The American’s should stop testing there deadly research in Africa, if the Africans would not accept their ‘’ASK DON’T TELL’’ which is call gay, or homosexual, that is not enough reason to punish Africa. I can feel their frustration; President Obama is the first black President, why? Because they want to use Obama as tool to capture Africa in terms of homosexual and lesbians, remember Obama is the only president to speak in favor of gay and lesbians on television. In America, gay is legalize, in Europe gay is legalize too, but in Africa, the Americans fell, because an average  African man cannot do without religion, that was why Africa was targeted, in Africa, west Africa was targeted to stop people moving around, to stop people going to SCOAN for deliverance. Before, they said Africa is not safe, and they did not succeed now they inject chemical, a deadly one for that matter, in other to stop people from going to Africa for deliverance, Ebola is not an African disease it is media propaganda, just to destroy Africa. But one thing is sure, God is in control, God is greater than the combine force of hell, and when God say yes nobody can say no. The time for Africa to rise to greatness has come and the time is now. Thanks for reading


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