The best Investment is help !

2As a child all I wanted to do when I grow up was to be a solution to people, to put smile on people face, to be a friend of the lonely, to be a brother to the orphans ,less privileged ,and the homeless, all I have ever dream of is to be a hope to this generation. But how can it be possible if I have not been able to be in other people shoes, how can I be a good leader if am not a good follower, how can I give people hope, if I have not been in a hopeless situation,how can I understand people’s suffering if I have not tasted a fraction of their pain. Sometimes in life, If God want to make you a King or a hero to take care of his Sheep, I mean his people, HE will first prepare you for the task ahead , and make you strong filled with experience , to be able to help people.Because the best investment is help.

I thank GOD I have gotten an European education,I have gain experience both in hard times and in good times alike, Just like my mentor Senior prophet TB Joshua always 1say,” In the University of GOD  know matter how brilliant you are, you will not be given double promotion,you will take every course, step by step ”. What are you passing through in life, have people reject you or abandon you ? are you suffering , are you crying day and night because their is no food to eat, their is reason to trouble , but their is greater reason not to trouble. look unto GOD , It may be that he is strengthening you for the future ahead. Cry no more because GOD is very closed to you like never before.