104When I was a little boy,as new year draw close I will be very happy,not only that am getting 102mature in age,and hope is been assured that the coming year will be better. But now,my tears have turn into blood.New year never make me happy as in before ! Someone could ask ,why?It is true that the year is new,but their is no new thing been attach to it,Our leaders have planted hatred, corruptions, war,assassinations, poverty ,so in the new year we all have to reap what we planted. we all pray for a better new year,but the question is what have our government planted . So all we have planted in the pasting year,have germinated and that is what we are going to reap in the new year.

Children deprive of education,now on the street hawking ,parents in tears watching their children die in pain out of hungry,graduate on street,because their is no job.Economic melt down everywhere, financial crisis here and their.War between countries,watching your television all you could hear or see is war,killing and stealing of public fund,corruption in the climax.Now we are shouting and expecting the new year to be better,but the question is what have we planted? all we have planted that is what we are going to reap in the new year.

101Where is the world heading to? What is the way out? Just as my mentor senior 103major prophet TB Joshua said,we should come back to GOD ,in sincerity and in truth.Just as he said in ” ” When we come to GOD ,GOD is capable of changing our past,and given meaning to our future.It does not matter where we worship, GOD is one.whether christian or Muslim,thoes that worship GOD must worship GOD in spirit and in truth.In this way our leaders of tomorrow ,the born and unborn kids will not reap all the evil we have planted today,And may feel happy to say happy new year.