How many life are we capable of changing?how many life have we affected? How do you think about those people in the hospital,those people who can not even afford a daily bread.How do you affect people around you? love look around and find those whose who are in need. How many times have you visited the less privileged,the motherless,the orphans ,the widow,How many people have you succeeded in putting smiles on their face.

Many times I do blame my leaders and have forgotten that I am the one who put them their.it is time to stop blaming our leaders and start thinking of ourselves ,how have our  life been,how do I improve my life? For us to acquire the future we desire we should start living the life we desire.A life to accept people as yourself,without asking where he or she is coming from,a life to love your neighbors as yourself,in this way we can see others as ourselves.Because in loving other we love GOD as well and in changing people lives we can change the world we live.someone need you to change his life,may be,your smiles could be the saving change needed.let’s make the world a better place.Let’s make the world a better place for our children’s children and both the born and unborn generation to come .This is the Living Legend Osuji Innocent reporting for wordpress.com