A system that works

The mathematics that saves life

Can mathematics save life? What is the relationship between mathematics and life?  

 For those who have been asking questions? Here is your answer. This book is the answer. Get a copy !  You will enjoy it indeed because it was very hard for me to write. 



                 A mysterious air craft was captured my CCTV on synagogue church of all nations building revolving round the six God of PTB Joshuastorey building still on constructions. The unknown aircraft was busy hoping around the six story building for consecutive six times, and immediately the air craft left, the building fell in the direction in which the air craft left. The question is; Why must the building collapse in the direction in which the air craft left. Secondary, what was the air craft doing on the building for it to revolve six consecutively times. If it is not an attack, does the air craft have right to revolve in a building that is not his. If the air craft was not the cause of the collapse building which was still under construction why must it be two to three minutes the air craft left, the building collapsed? Take it or leave; the air craft would have released a missile, an atomic bomb on the building. That is why the building collapsed in the direction in which the mysterious air craft left.

 A Prophet is not welcome or value in his home town, many attacks have been projected to the prophet T.B Joshua, to make him quit his calling, but the more the attack, the more the blessing on him, it all started with media propaganda, calling him names, castigating him, but the media fail in destroy prophet T.B Joshua, why because one with God is majority. When the media fail, the western  introduce Ebola to west Africa countries, to stop people from going to SCOAN, but God contained the disease in Nigeria, now what did they do, they came with an air craft an drop a missile on the building, and God been faithful the air craft was capture by CCTV camera.

         The radio station, the television, newspapers which are medium of propaganda could not wait to verify the information; all they are intersected is to bring the man of GOD Senior Prophet T.B Joshua down, if you listen to radio, television or read newspaper, all you can hear is 10 people or more die in synagogue building. If a six storey building has to collapse simultaneously, a building containing not less than 400 people and just only 20 or 30 only people died it is a miracle.

         A liar can go thousand miles while the truth is still putting his shoes, one thing is certain, a truth can be attack, can be GOD OF Prophet T.B Joshuadelayed, but cannot be stop, every man lies to his neighbor, who shall we believe, G-O-D. You know I cannot misinform you, take it or leave it; Prophet T.B Joshua is a true servant of the highest God. Do not be confuse, or be distracted by the tactics of the enemies, they are trying to poison your mind, they want to stop you from going to SCOAN, they want to stop you from watching Emmanuel TV, do not listen to the world, rather ask God for a revelation, if you are planning to visit SCOAN this is the time for you to go and receive your own blessing. As a first class engineer and the best student of the year, this was possible through the anointing water and sticker from SCOAN, go now and receive yours. It is well with you. Amen.


Someone would asked, what is the origin of this disease,how long have it been in existence. My 1970598_786596778037983_4693347800820019384_nname is Osuji Innocent, am a first class engineer trained and study in Europe, I got some information for you. From Wikipedia, they said Ebola have been existing for donkey of years, if that is the case, I got some question for you. It was written in Wikipedia that Ebola started in 1976 in Sudan, that a river in Sudan was named Ebola, the question here is, how was the river infected? There was no answer to it. Okay, they said in Wikipedia that another outbreak of Ebola was in 1989 in Philippians, when some Philippians’ where transporting monkeys to Virginia, and the money were infected. They did not tell us how the money was infected. Now from 1976 to 1989 is 13 years, what happened? We never had of any disease name Ebola on radio, television, newspapers, we never had any documentary of Ebola, our researchers never had any information on it, and Ebola was not mention in secondary school or higher institution. What happened? How did they contain the disease that it did not spread in Africa,if there is a drug for it then, why didn’t we had about it? a disease which can kill someone from 2 to 21 days? Even when it is obvious that the corpse of an infected person can transmit or infect another person, why is it that the disease never spread, in Africa we struggle for space in the market square to move around. Let us proceed, they said another outbreak of Ebola was in Ivory Coast in 1994, that a female nurse was diagnosing a chimpanzee and the chimpanzee was infected still yet we never had anything on the news, radio or television. What happen? We never had that people are dying in thousands, and in 1994 we never had about Ebola, from 1976 to 1994 is 18 years, we never had about any disease call Ebola, was it that there was no technology to discover the disease? No, technologies have been since 17th century. Another outbreak of Ebola is in 2014 in Liberia. Do not be deceived, they said Ebola started from 1976 in Sudan, to 1989 in Philippians to 1994 in Ivory Coast, to 1-98282014 in Liberia, is Ebola a naturally born disease? Why is it that since they said Ebola started people have not die in thousands, only in 2014 that people are dying in thousands? Take it or leave it, base on my personal conclusion, the information in Wikipedia is false information. Someone inject it there to make it look real, to cover up his or her dirty thrash. In my conclusion there was no Ebola in 1976, 1989, and 1994 respectively, but there is Ebola in 2014. If Ebola have been since 1976 no single soul would have been alive up to date, imagine the way we walk in the market square, imagine the way we shake hands, the way we hold one another, parents and children playing simultaneously, Africa would have been wipe out completely in the face of the Earth. People are busy talking about the source of transfer of Ebola, but no one have come to think about the origin of this disease, the only information they gave to us is that someone can contact Ebola when you eat what money ate or bats ate, but I put it to you, many of us have monkeys as pet, and nothing have happen to them, many of our grandfather feed on fruit that monkeys and other animals fed and nothing happen to them. If Ebola is gotten from the monkeys and animals our hunters would have died, our grandfathers would have perish, and there will be no need for this generation. If someone have to say there was a drug then how come we never had about it?, why is it that there was no documentary for the disease? a disease of such magnitude that can kill from 2 to 21 days cannot be gotten from monkeys and other animals, Ebola is a deadly virus base on research, this deadly virus was inject in Africa by the American medical doctor in Liberia. If it was not injected by the western why is it that since people are dying in thousands NATO have not sit down to discuses about Africa. The last time they sat down they never discuses on how to help Africa because they are not interested. During the outbreak of Ebola in Liberia, the Americans came and flee their medical doctor, they did not flee a footballer, they did not flee a lawyer, they did not flee an engineer, rather it was a medical doctor whom they flee and within 4 days they produce an experimental drug, an within one week we had the doctor is healthy, I put this to all medical practitioner how can it be possible to eliminate a deadly virus which can kill from 2 to 21 days without knowing the cause of the disease. Even within that one week interval, that the disease was viral, the President of Nigeria,  President Good-luck Jonathan ask the American for the experimental drugs, the Americans said it is too early to ask. No wonder while the started the American-African summit within that period, let it be as if they care for the Africans. If they care for Africa, why is it that the drug they gave to us, half was original drug and have fake drugs. If they care about us, why did American bound Nigeria for visa lottery, why did America stop given aid to Nigeria. Instead they said there court have given them the right to use Nigeria money, a country that use to give aid is now using the money of the third world country as they say.The American’s should stop testing there deadly research in Africa, if the Africans would not accept their ‘’ASK DON’T TELL’’ which is call gay, or homosexual, that is not enough reason to punish Africa. I can feel their frustration; President Obama is the first black President, why? Because they want to use Obama as tool to capture Africa in terms of homosexual and lesbians, remember Obama is the only president to speak in favor of gay and lesbians on television. In America, gay is legalize, in Europe gay is legalize too, but in Africa, the Americans fell, because an average  African man cannot do without religion, that was why Africa was targeted, in Africa, west Africa was targeted to stop people moving around, to stop people going to SCOAN for deliverance. Before, they said Africa is not safe, and they did not succeed now they inject chemical, a deadly one for that matter, in other to stop people from going to Africa for deliverance, Ebola is not an African disease it is media propaganda, just to destroy Africa. But one thing is sure, God is in control, God is greater than the combine force of hell, and when God say yes nobody can say no. The time for Africa to rise to greatness has come and the time is now. Thanks for reading

Favente deo supero !

Successful people are simply, problem solvers and in order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. It is in you,Dean and I if I can be the best graduating student of all time, the best student of the year. I say to you, yes you can. 10464135_786585448039116_2707334909469084008_nTry not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value. Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another and for you to be successful, you must work so hard as if every thing depends on you, and pray so hard as if everything depends on God, The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand. The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire; the size of your dream; and how you handle disappointment along the way. Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success. Finally thank you for your prayers, it was a dream come true. We made it, we made History.  


It was an electric atmosphere in The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) where large crowds thronged to usher in the New tb joshuaYear 2014. T.B. Joshua came out around 11pm to deliver his much anticipated prophetic message in a broadcast beamed live via the churches popular television station Emmanuel TV.

He first counseled believers to stay steadfast in faith despite the challenges that would arise in the coming year. “We are tempted so that we may pray the more. Afflictions are meant for our spiritual benefit,” he encouraged the congregants and television viewers.

Moving on, he spoke about what was to be expected in the New Year, attendees listening with rapt attention and scribbling notes as he spoke. “This New Year 2014 is not like any other year in the past. It is a year of crossing bridge. To cross the bridge, you need to grab onto faith,” he began. “This is not going to be easy for the mighty. Many of the mighty will fall. Pray for them. The rich, famous and popular people – many will fall this 2014 because crossing the bridge is not going to be easy; they need God. Many of them believe it is their own making to be great in their own area of expertise.”

He went on to decry the effect this ‘fall’ would have on the business world as, according to him, “98% of businesses and companies are owned by these people.” Specifying a field of business that would especially be affected, he said the airline industry would face prophet-tb-joshuamultiple challenges, leading to an unprecedented rise in ticket prices, particularly noting that African airlines would be most affected. Joshua further declared 2014 to be a year of destiny for those would ‘follow the ways of the Lord’. “Many people that are not known will be rise by destiny,” he prophesied.

Talking about the current Nigerian political situation, Joshua said, “There will be a leadership tussle on who will lead and who will be presidential candidate in APC which will affect them as a political party. They should be vigilant. Many are with them in flesh but not with them in spirit.” Talking about the current crisis Nigeria’s ruling party PDP are embroiled in, the prophet stated that they would ‘pay any price to unite’ but that the issue of who would be the presidential candidate would cause challenges. Read more of this post


pWhite supremacy a disease in the skin, does it mean that there is no good thing in Africa , for the past years when I was in Africa ,all I could see in television about the United state and Europe  are there sophisticated electronically gadget  , there beautiful stadiums , there capital cities and towns , in a manner that all is well with them or they are heaven on earth . But , listen to news about Africa ,all you could see is poverty , disease  and war.

But now am in Europe ,and I have travelled wide and near ,I have been in the four Conner of the world , and I have seen things for my self , and it is unbelievable . why is it that the news ,CCN and other news agency own by the United state of America project Africa image to be bad , but project Europe p1and United state of America to be Heaven on earth ? why is it that the news channel owned by the United state of America and Europe capitalized mainly on showing  in the television there capitals and not there villages ,they show there wealth and not there poverty ,they do not show the beggars in the street, begging for food and money why ?  But when they are televising Africa they focus on showing the Africa villages and not there capitals ,they shows poverty in Africa and not there wealth,

Now I got the picture , White supremacy is a disease in the skin .This is the cause of racism , even in pictures they paint God to be white and paint the devil to be black ,even in movies  ,white person is use as an innocent while black is used as a Victim  why? this article is written not against the white or in favor of the black but to change the impression that nothing good can come from the black , Even in the united state, when they want to legalized gay and lesbianism they use a black man to do their dirty job  ?  black must always be a victim . why ? and the white are saints . Many times the News make fun of the sweet sun in Africa but no comment to the deathly snow that is killing people . no cp2omment on the waterproof call winter jacket people are putting on .

A quote from an Icon  , late Nelson Mandela he said and I quote  ”  We are not anti-white, we are against white supremacy … we have condemned racialism no matter by whom it is professed.”  If we can only think and understand that where you are coming from does not matter what matter is what you are made up off . In this case we will not belittle any racial color , rather we will accept each other the way we are and make this world a better place .


FIFANigeria slipped down on the FIFA world ranking and now the least rated team in their Brazil 2014 Group F as the countdown to the World Cup continues.

 In the ranking released on Thursday by the world body, Super Eagles slipped one FIFA2spot to number 37 while Cote d’Ivoire remain Africa’s best at 17. But while the Eagles slipped one of Nigeria’s World Cup opponents moved by 12 places to now stand at 33. Bosnia and Herzegovina gained two spots to finish at 19th while former World champions Argentina maintained their enviable spot at 3rd. Eagles arrived at the USA ’94 World Cup as the 5th ranked team in the world. Prior to Thursday ranking the Iranians were far behind the Eagles.

On Wednesday Nigeria coach Stephen Keshi underlined the capabilities of the other two teams besides the respected Argentina.

FIFA3He said, “Why are we talking of only Argentina, we can defeat Argentina but Iran qualified long before us and Bosnia Herzegovina also did their qualification in style with plenty goals and we must not underrate any of these teams.”

World and European champions Spain top the final ranking of the year as the team finish 2013 ahead of second-placed Germany. Vicente del Bosque’s men have now topped the rankings at the end of each of the last six calendar years following an unbeaten World Cup 2014 qualifying campaign that saw la Roja collect 20 points from a possible 24. Colombia and Portugal complete the top five followed by Uruguay, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands and Brazil.

Bosnia-Herzegovina is the only team on the up inside the top 30. Fresh from reaching a first World Cup finals, the Dragons are now 19th, up two places, meaning France and Mexico drop one place each to 20th and 21st respectively.

On Thursday, the Nigeria Football Federation announced the selection of Vitoria Hotel Concept Campinas as the team base camp hotel of the Eagles for next year’s finals. The facility was inspected after the draw earlier this month.

“I love this place. It is good for our team and we will be able to achieve full concentration,” Keshi said of the location.


emmanuel tv1GOD capability has become my ability, HIS sufficient has become my sufficient , Ever since I wasemmanuel tv.0png a child ,all I wanted to do in life is to bear witness to the truth , to help the poor and to change people life for good, God said I am the way the truth and the life ,he that come to me will never be in darkness, when one is in Christ Jesus old things has pass away all things become new . Those that worship GOD must worship GOD in truth and in spirit , I thank GOD  for Emmanuel TV , if you have not watch ,I really feel so sorry for you, have you ever seen what is happening their , glory to GOD ,the book of  Arts of Apostle has come to past , in Emmanuel TV you will see, all that you read in the bible which said ,Jesus is the same ,today, yesterday and forever, glory to GOD ,Emmanuel TV has shown to me that Jesus Christ never said goodbye .  Peter said in the beautiful gate, silver and Gold I have not, but what I have I give to you, that means  he has emmanuel tvsomething , he continue by saying in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise and walk , and the lame man rise and walk , so what I have I give to you , log on to ,  to see who you were ,who you are ,and who you shall be, and you will meet GOD face to face like never before, what is that your problem ,pray with the man of God on Emmanuel TV, and it will become a thing of the past . You will not regret it indeed .


world cup 8

Nelson Mandela Got my Attension !

5 (2)They said to die an not to be forgotten is to live forever, A tribute to a grand father, a role model ,an advocate, and the founder of South Africa  Nelson Mandela. A man who gave up his freedom for the love of his people, the love of his nation, he was beaten, nelson mandel1molested, his human right and dignity was denial, he was isolated from is family, friends ,beloved and his love ones, he was deprived of food, cloth and shelter , for 27 years ,what was his crime ? His crime was his love for his nation, his crime was his fight for freedom for his people . Nelson Mandela the hero of all times

After the 27 years of rejection, abandonment, he was release , to my greatest surprise , instead of him to  be angry, and hit back ,or fight his enemy who put him in prison, without any reason for the past 27 years . Rather, he show love, by preaching reconciliation ,he become an advocate of peace ,an inspirer , and will be remember as a father of freedom .

nelson mandelMen of wealth are envied, Men of power are feared , men of Knowledge are admired ,but only men of character are trusted.Apart from his love, is character got my attention , when he was release and become the first south African President , he self handily retired from office after one tenure with out contesting for another tenure , what a legacy ? As a youth I am ,am inspired , not liked our politicians today who will want to die in office .nelson mandel2 

 His life style has brought many people on their knees , it has given me the insight that one day ,I will make my country better ,even if it will course me my life, a life of sacrificial , given all and given up all you have so that others can live a better and happy life . This was just an exemplary life of Jesus Christ ,  I am changed for good, am inspired , and I thank God , I will be the change the world need .

Ukraine sitting on Gun powder .

ukraine3The Russian President has congratulated his counterpart ,the Ukrainian president for not signing the European agreement ,  and have promise to provide gas to the Ukrainians, ukraine2according to the president spokesman he said, we were once one family during the Russian federation, a big family that eat together plan together, despite the Ukrainian independence Ukraine have always been a humble ”child” to them and plead on the Ukrainian citizens to think how they can bring back the Russian federation. But the Ukrainian citizens are not happy with their president decision ,and have given their president an ukraine1automaton , to sign the agreement with European Union or step down from office within five days. Many countries in European Union has encourage the Ukrainians to keep their dreams alive, as the Russians are also encouraging the  Ukrainian president to forget about the signing . There are many question than answer ?what could happen when the Ukrainian President refuse to sign the agreement? will the Ukrainian who has stand up to say enough is enough give up there fighting spirit ? In fact Ukrainian is setting on gun powder.

After Graduation what next ?

graduationTo be a student is good but to remain a student is bad, so after graduation what next ?We are less prepared for college graduation than for any other transition.  As people get older, we offer them full curricula on how to get a job, how to date and get married, what to expect when you’re expecting, how to navigate mid-life crises, how to let your kids spread their wings and fly while coping with your empty nest (my mom wrote one of those). But when it comes to graduation, we give them some career counseling, maybe point them to an internship or two, and give them a big “hurrah!” when they finish.
All of a sudden, they’re supposed to be adults. Yet all they’ve ever been is students. What do you do when there’s no class schedule? What do you do when you have to cook for yourself, clean for yourself? What do you do when, suddenly, you go from being the golden child to just another kid trying to get a job at Starbucks?

Here are a few things that you (or that graduate you know and love) should do upon finishing school.

1. Something else. Really. Just do something else. Anything else. But make it new. Make it fun, too. If you’re going to be drowning in transitions, you may as well enjoy the process and take some risks. Just out of a no-dancing college, I joined a few high school friends in regular outings of swing dancing. It was a welcome bit of undiluted fun in the midst of an angst-ridden time.

2. Read a book for fun, not because you have to. Even though you’ve taken hard classes and thought smart thoughts, it’s no guarantee that you will continue to think. So make sure to read. But make sure it’s something (at least to begin with) that you want to read. If you don’t know where to start, try Annie Osuji Innocent (2)Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker Creek or David James Duncan’s The Brothers K. Or extend the trying-something-new experiment to reading-something-new by exploring works in a subject you know nothing about. 

 3. Find a less than perfect job. They all are. I spent many years looking for a perfect job—and I can assure you, it’s not out there. So just take a job. You’ll need to pay your bills while you figure out your life, so find something that won’t drive you crazy and will help train you in some way (because your 20s are the time to train). I delivered flowers, worked as a secretary, lived in the Philippines as a go-between, paid sales tax, did some writing and editing, went to grad school, worked as a children’s club assistant, and pastored a church—and I still ended up happy in a career by the end of my 20s. It’s okay, and all but inevitable, to bounce around jobs in your 20s. Don’t be flakey, but also don’t expect to walk away from college into your dream job.

4. Focus on a few friends. Your peer group will shrink considerably when you graduate (as, incidentally, will the dating pool). Look for friends you can grow close with and pursue that closeness. These friends, like that church and job, will also be less than perfect. But cultivate friendship with them by spending regular times together. You will never regret investing in friendships, and these will bring stability and needed perspective in these topsy-turvy years.

6. Tithe 10 percent of your paycheck. It doesn’t matter how little your paycheck is Read more of this post

How Super Eagles Onazi Chased A Robber And Hands Him Over To The Cops In Rome

onaziSuper Eagles/Lazio midfielder Eddy Onazi is the talk of Rome after chasing down a robber and handing him over to local cops, Sugar Sport Reports.

There was no way the Nigerian star was going to let a local villain get away with stealing from a Rome tourist.

“I was having dinner with my brother near the Termini Station and there were some tourists sitting next to us,” Onazi told Lazio Style Radio after the story hit the headlines.

“I saw a boy and immediately felt due to his suspicious behaviour that he wanted to steal something. I didn’t even have time to tell my brother that he had already snatched the tourist’s wallet and run off.

“I noticed it, so I ran after him, but stayed on the other side of the street. I ran for 300 metres, the robber left the wallet under a car, but I saw him.

“I chased him down and brought him back to the restaurant, avoiding the ire of the people around there. I told the restaurant owner to call the police and we brought the wallet back to the lady. She was in tears and thanked me, as the wallet was full of money.

Nigerian’s says good bye to American visa lottery !

good byeMany Nigerians are happy of the America decision of making Nigeria Americaineligible for American visa lottery 2013.  The Americans has wanted to be involved in Nigeria situation, they wanted to come and fight the boko haram and also establish there rules and there law in the country,but Nigeria who have decide to handle situation as an independent country refuses the American’s offer  and decided to fight the terrorist in their own way. Because of the decision Nigeria took as a nation ,the American’s decided to pay Nigeria back by making them ineligible for visa lottery 2013. As a matter of fact ,any person that is born in Nigeria can not participate in the American visa lottery 2013,taken out their anger on the Nigerian decision .Nigeria says good bye to American Visa lottery .Good bye America we will build our home. 

Nigeria1According to the report gather this morning, many Nigerian’s where not worry about the American decision ,of not letting Nigeria participate in the American visa lottery this year. They said it will enable Nigerian’s build there nation and become most powerful and God fearing nation on earth. Surprisingly,people in Nigeria are celebrating ,happy and calling on all Nigeria over the globe to come back home and develop her country Nigeria. Because their is no place like home. God bless Nigeria . 


UNREASONABLE LOVEDo you feel betrayed because your best friend absconded with your wife on your wedding day? Do you feel disappointed because you lost your job after being implicated by a colleague in the office? There is this question many will ask from time to time and this question rightly comes to mind, ‘How can I forgive someone who has hurt me so deeply? ‘Why must I love my enemy?’ Loving your enemy is always unreasonable, unless you realise that you were an enemy of God, until He forgave you. What is forgiveness? Forgiveness means that God looks at you as if you had never sinned. God’s forgiveness does not sweep your sin under the carpet; instead He completely washes them away. When you receive His forgiveness, you become blameless before Him. That is God’s forgiveness. It is also His will that you remember that you have sinned and been forgiven. Matthew 5:44, “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you”. Your enemy could be your neighbour, friend or those who do not share the same faith with you but when you love an enemy, you will see him or her as Christ does. Forgiveness paves the way for a harmonious relationship even with your enemies and being unwilling to forgive, shows that you have not understood or benefitted from God’s forgiveness. If you have been forgiven, that forgiveness will create in you a forgiving heart towards others. In Luke 23:34, Jesus forgave even those who mocked and killed Him. We should be more concerned about our offenders and their relationship with God and less about our own grudges, self-pity and ill will because the person most hurt by unforgiveness is you.

Jim Iyke super star shows that Jesus Christ is everything to him !

Jim IykeSuper actor Jim Iyke, humbled himself before God, when he came to synagogue church of all nation, he got his blessing , break through and deliverance, he was applauded by the fans and viewers all over the world for taken a maximum courage ,in letting other actors and actress know that Jesus Christ is greater than any one,and what ever you may be it is God who made you what you are.

Today, Jim Iyke  has become a role model to the youth by showing that Jesus Christ is everything to him.  Just like Nicodemus he heard about Jesus, and he went to see Jesus face to face, and those who come to Jesus in sincerity  and broken hardheartedness Jesus will never for sake them.

   Jim Iyke has prove that Jesus Christ is everything to him.  Those who criticize him for seeking first the kingdom  of God and the rest will be added unto you is criticizing Jesus Christ.To God be the glory , It is all about Jesus . and know one is greater than Jesus Christ . Congratulation Jim Iyke, he who the son of God has set free is free indeed .

Happy Independence day Nigeria the giant of Africa.

nigeria independenceHappy independence to my beloved country,the Federal Republic of Nigeria. A country bless with milk and honey,a country set aside by God Almighty,a country bless with great men of the most high God. A country which had her independent in First October 1960,fill with many ethnics tribes,culture and language. A country whose population is about 160 millions people. A country with a conducive atmosphere ,a country where all foreigners are treated well and appreciated .Nigeria is 53 today, it call for celebration of what the God is doing,God has raise great men of God such as Prophet TB Joshua,it is a blessing  to Nigeria and the whole world at larger. Nigeria today is not the Nigeria yesterday, things have change,each Nigeria home or aboard are grateful to God Almighty for the love,and the understanding that dreamshave reined in the country.Been the giant of Africa and the Champion of African, it shows the future is bright .To God be the glory .

But there is still many more work to be done, we the Nigeria should never relent, we should keep the fighting spirit alive. We should be our brothers keeper, and we should show our accountability when we are home or aboard,because good name is better than money, in all both the Christian and the Muslim should go to their knees and prayers for our beloved country and ask God for mercy and direction. At last we all can proudly said we are  Nigerian’s with a differences .Nigeria is our home and their is no place better than home. God bless Nigeria .

Only God can save West Africa !

1Who can save west Africa except GOD. Let us pray for west Africa, and ask GOD to guide and protect them from the planed attack of the enemy, where there is no vision people parish, I thank God for his messenger, my mentor,my father and my everything, senior major Prophet TB Joshua, who exposes the plane of the evil ones,who has plane to attack two countries in west Africa and ask the congregation to pray for God protection. and fast for west Africa on Monday, Tuesday and Friday . The enemy has planed to attack the assembly,where people congregate .

What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer for it own soul,why causing pain? why making people cry,people created by God Almighty.The last day is near,we should prepared our way for the coming of the lord.The world should repent and come back to GOD or will destroy like Sodom and Gomorrah. 

I have a dream

      I have a dream, a dream that one day Nigeria will become the greatest country on earth,a country where there will be no differences 3between the rich and the poor,a country where the poor could afford to pay their school fees,and the less privilege will have a reason to glorify the name of GOD Almighty, a country where the blessed in wealth ,in wisdom ,in understanding and in different ways will not look down on others ,a country in which people will respect people of other denomination,without segregation and racism.

           A country in which the men of GOD will not be fighting one other,castigating one another,a country in which the men of GOD will understand that they are family because they answer the same surname,which is ”JESUS CHRIST” .so if they answer the same surname why are they fighting one dreamsanother since they are working for the same ”PERSON” JESUS CHRIST . A  country in which men of GOD will understand that they minister differently because they where given different spiritual gift. A country in which the primary objective of the men of GOD is to save soul and not to get population and dominate .

           A country where every student home and aboard will work so hard as if everything depend on them and pray so hard as if everything depend on GOD, realizing that they are the hope of tomorrow . A country in which the youth will turn to GOD like never before believing that HE IS WHO HE SAID HE IS, and HE can do what he said HE will do.

           I believed one day, Nigeria will not only be the giant of Africa, but will be the giant of the whole world.My name is Osuji Innocent and I believed that dreams do come through. GOD bless Nigeria.

who will save Syria

1Who will save Syria ? we should not pay evil to evil, we should not build war,rather we should build love,love is the greatest . It is true that the Syria government have cross the red line by using sarin gas against it’s own people, it is true thousands have died, many 2children have become orphans, many couples have become widows and widowers , military striker on Syria will not yield a positive result ,rather people of Syria will still suffer it, and the boundary countries will become unrest . The world powers should use love to approach the situation,instead of using forces.

They should allow the Arab to look into the situation,they should allow Arab leaders to call their brother and advice him, Just as Prophet TB Joshua said, we should build love and not war . the whole world should go to their knees and pray for Syria. Why ,because the wound of one is the wound of all .In this I can proudly say, only GOD can save Syria . 

Russia Moves to Restrict Imports If Ukraine Signs EU Deal

2The Russian government threaten to to punish Ukraine if ,Ukraine sign EU deal. For so long,Ukraine have wanted freedom , freedom from dictatorship,from the hands of Russian who not only supply them gas,but also help the current president to jail the last election winner, by putting allegation on her,  with the collaboration of Russian.Russian is feeling betrayed that despite helping the current president to cover up the past election scandals ,now Ukraine have decided to join EU just as the other countries which was under Russian federation before did .Now in the recent statement issued my the senior adviser to President of Russian Vladimir Putin said,UKRAINE-OPPOSITION-PROTEST

MOSCOW—Russia is moving to clamp down on imports from Ukraine if its ex-Soviet neighbor signs a landmark free-trade and political-association deal with the European Union, 

The comments Sunday by Sergei Glazyev, a senior economic advisor to Mr. Putin, signal a more forceful approach by the Kremlin to the potential deal, which could anchor Ukraine, for centuries ruled from Moscow, more firmly in the West. Moscow is urging Ukraine, a Texas-sized country sandwiched between Russia and the EU, to join a rival trade bloc that it is forming with other former Soviet republics.

It is better for you to hate me for the truth than liking me for been silence

3KIt is better for you to hate me for the truth than liking me for been silence . Right from the beginning of the world the truth have suffered , when GOD send his only begotten son, JESUS CHRIST ,to save the world and show the world how much GOD loves the world, many never believed in JESUS CHRIST, even thought HE did many miracles ,signs and wonders , they never believed because they chose not to,their heart was dark and black as charcoal ,their were many blasphemer ,they call HIM names,but JESUS conquer the world with love ,by voluntary given his life to the world .

SO it was,so it is,and so it will always be, GOD has sent us a Prophet, to save the world,A servant of the most high GOD, senior major Prophet Tb Joshua ,who have change the life of millions of people all over the globe even I Osuji Innocent, my life have had a new meaning . Am saying it again ,Prophet TB Joshua is a true servant of the most high GOD. Am not asking you to believe but am telling you to believe, let GOD be true and let man be liar. It is time to save the world, believe and you and your house whole will be save .It is all about Jesus Christ . 

The life I dream of !

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and suffer for it own soul ? How are you affecting the life’s around you ?TB JOSHUA As a youth, I have been privileged to travel all around the world.I have seen people’s cultures, traditions ,beliefs ,philosophers ,professors ,and men of God. I have seen those who could explain the bible from genesis to revelation,those who could tell you the history of the bible.They are powerful teachers,preachers of the bible, but they do not live by it.I never know the meaning of Christianity until GOD gave me a mentor, senior major prophet TB Joshua,the right appointed servant of this generation send by GOD to set us free from this present captivity of negativity .Before,I thought Christianity is a tradition,but now I understand that Christianity is a Relationship .I want to thank God for given me a mentor ,a father,and my everything who is not only preaching the word,but also living in it. We being to succeed in life when the problem and pain of others matters to us ,and what ever I do to you or fail to do to you,that is what I do unto GOD.if every men of GOD all over the world could emulate senior major prophet TB Joshua,the world will be a heaven on earth. I pray GOD will help me to change life and to give hope in this generation whose hope has been broken.TB JOSHUA1To help people , change lives, change nation and change the world, that is the life I dream of !


Osuji Innocent1 John 4:7,8
Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

Deuteronomy 7:9 (New International Version)

9) Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.

Ephesians 2:9                                                                                                                                                                                         Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.

1 John 2:5
But if anyone obeys his word, God’s love[a] is truly made complete in him. This is how we know we are in him: 

1 John 3:1
How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! The reason the world does not know us is that it did not know him.

1 John 4:8
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love

TB JOSHUA- Everything Big Start Little

1EI found myself in a family background that irritated me. In those early years of my life, I knew I would be blamed for what I gave my attention to – so I took a different direction in order to achieve a different solution.


Mr Declan from Germany confessed that he had been addicted to watching pornography and masturbating at least three times a day. In his dreams, he would see himself having sex with many different ladies and dead people that he knew. He had downloaded pornographic material onto his phone so that he had it with him everywhere even at work. Because of this problem, he did not have any affection for his wife and he always liked to be alone so that he can be free to watch pornography and masturbate. One day after coming home from church, he was about to watch pornography when he turned on Emmanuel TV which was introduced to him by a friend. On Emmanuel TV, Prophet T.B. Joshua was offering a prayer for deliverance and he placed his hand on the screen of his laptop. He felt something change in his body. Then, a friend of his came to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water and gave it to him. He ministered the Anointing Water in Jesus’ name and from that moment he no longer had the urge to watch pornography or masturbate and he also is not experiencing the nightmares of having sex with women and seeing dead people. He also testified to the glory of God that the affection for his wife has been restored. 
Advice: Find out how to get the Anointing Water and make sure to watch Emmanuel TV as a source of freedom. Stop watching pornography and other worldly things



The Arewa Youth Form, Northern Nigeria came to The SCOAN to present Prophet T.B. Joshua with a prestigious merit award as an Ambassador of Peace. 

12National Director of Public Affairs, Arewa Youth Forum, Benue, Nigeria, Bello Abdulhamid, said they came to The SCOAN because of love which the man of God has always demonstrated irrespective of barriers of race, religion, creed or ethnicity. Speaking on behalf of the northern states of Nigeria, he said that Kaduna, Yobe, Plateau, Kano and Jigawa States are all beneficiaries of the trailers of rice that Prophet T.B. Joshua sends. 

He said, “Prophet T.B. Joshua is a man with phenomenal vision. He shows a deep sense of compassion and unconditional love. Prophet T.B. Joshua is a blessing not only to us in Nigeria but also the international community. Prophet T.B. Joshua is the very first man of God that we are visiting and honouring. Our 13independent assessment has shown that The SCOAN has been committed to provide not only for the spiritual but also for the physical wellbeing of people”.

Addressing his nation, he said, “Fellow Nigerians, we are here because of the love we see in the life of Prophet T.B. Joshua. We need love to come together as a nation. Where there is love, there is no killing, stealing or destruction. Where there is love, there is no segregation. Love is the solution to our problems in Nigeria”.

Explaining the reason why The Arewa Youth Forum chose to come to The SCOAN, he said that they are looking for men and women of love for consultation for the way out for this country.

The National President of the Arewa Youth Forum, Alhaji Ibrahim Gambo, said that they have picked Prophet T.B. Joshua as a leader to bring back the lost love in Nigeria. 

Isa Kurgui, the National Vice President, North-Central, Arewa Youth Forum said that in a society where there is love, you can sleep without locking your door, you can go anywhere without fear. He concluded by saying that from this day henceforth, Prophet T.B. Joshua is the Grand Patron of Northern Nigerian Youths.

The congregation rose to their feet clapping as Prophet T.B. Joshua was presented with the award as Philanthropist Par Excellence Ambassador of Peace. 

Standing side by side with them, the Prophet explained to the world his reason for accepting this award during the live service. He said, “I will receive this award in order to join them to bring peace to some troubled spots in our nation, Nigeria”


A life of meaning

5How can I be able to affect other peoples life, this should be the fundamental goals of my life. A life of meaning is a life that leave it ‘s imprint on a positive way. Many times I ask myself what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world,to gain the famous name in the world,to be the richest man on earth,and lost his own soul. God forbid ? 

so why is it that the world has turn their back to GOD Almighty ? our youth loves material things more than things of the spirit, people worship money other than the giver of money. No wonder the politicians will do anything to retain power,spiting of innocent blood and drinking of blood has become order of the day. our leaders has embrace evil,even encouraging same sex marriage in public. God have mercy .our leaders in politics are using students as touts ,instead of making life better for the privilege and the less privileged , rather they use the money to sponsor occult in the universities and various evil atrocities .

who will save us ? Only GOD will . As a youth I refuse to follow bad example, I refuse to live a life of shame,what will I be remember of when the time comes ,I will invest in humanity, help the less privilege,those who could not go to school because of high school fees should be given scholarship. People in the rural area dying because of unclean water supply. GOD help me I will open a bole hole water for the people to drink free of charge .In helping others you are helping yourself and the best investment is help. I will be a problem solver in life,because successful people are simply problem solvers.


Mr Benedict from Cameroon was possessed with an evil spirit which had used him to destroy youth, particularly women. It started when he read a book about Ancient Egyptian Mysticism in a Catholic Seminary. He learnt how to cast his spirit out of his body and move around. He began practicing this mysticism from the age of 12 years old. He could see things that people could not see naturally. He gained supernatural powers and was able to see the demonic powers of witches and wizards afflicting humanity. One time in this form, he was about to be attacked and had to rush to his body. Unknown to him he had been possessed by the evil spirits which came to attack him. Later, he realized that anyone who practiced anything against him would have their own lives destroyed. If anyone wanted to hurt him, they would themselves be hurt. Anything he said would happen, no matter how big the pronouncement was. He realized that there were 12demons who were teaching him and acting through him. He knew a lot about technology and computers without any formal education on the subjects. He organized business conferences whereas he had never studied or read about Technology or Business. He handled radio programs where senior journalists would ask him where he had graduated from. In his dreams, he would hear an audible voice teaching him as in a classroom. Later in life, even his children used to notice that he would talk in his dreams. He became a wizard in terms of computer literacy. There was no media he could not use and was even teaching fraudsters how to use social media like Facebook to defraud people. He had over 3000 friends on the internet, the majority of whom were female and he had a relationship with more than 1000 of them. He had the power to talk them in to love-making on the phone. After which, he would prosper in his business while they would suffer. Many of his lady friends who became his victims broke up with their fiances and marriages were broken as they could not do without him. The students would miss classes and even exams. He would receive around 30 calls per day on the issue of phone-sex. He spend so much money on the internet and phone bills, easily spending an average of 300,000 naira per month. His victims and contacts were from all over the world, not only Africa and he had only met a few of them in real life. He also had a profound music career. Anytime he involved himself in music to entice and initiate, it boomed while anytime he tried to sing Gospel songs, the event would flop. He began to move around different nightclubs and strip clubs playing and performing his music. 
One of the spirits operating in him along with the demonic king of technology was Teigom, the spirit of the king of knowledge and he would supply him information, oftentimes teaching him in dreams about technology and other subjects whereas he had never graduated in such11 studies in school. 
He admitted that his wife, who was an ardent follower of Emmanuel TV, had no idea of what was happening between him and the many women’s lives he was affecting negatively on a daily basis. As soon as he stopped his activities on the internet, his business crumbled so swiftly. He and his wife decided to come to The SCOAN for deliverance and to allow God to bring breakthrough back into his career.
During his deliverance, he said he felt like he was walking on cold water and as if there were pins of ice on the floor where he was standing. If he tried to look at the wise man, he saw great energy and light, even more than when the evil spirits used to overtake him to operate and destroy. He surrendered and was delivered from the demonic beings. 
Since his deliverance, the chronic spirit of lust for women has gone from him. He added, previously he used to delight in enticing women to look at him, even if they didn’t want to, they would find themselves stealing a glance more and more but after the deliverance he no longer had the urge to perform such acts. He advised that using fraud and technology for evil purposes does not pay what it promises. He advised the youth to abstain from Facebook as it should be only for businessmen and people in institutes who need to communicate with clients. It does more harm to youth than good. Even the research done on the internet, most of it contains demonic pictures and images which are only going to bring further initiation and problems for you. If you spend 30 minutes researching, 10 minutes are going to be spend on something other than the research.
Concluding he remarked, “Youth, watch out! The bed you make today is the bed you will lie on tomorrow.”


3HDo you sometimes wonder whether you will make it in life? At times, when we go through life’s storms, it is difficult to look on the bright side of life. Through the vicissitudes of life, as Christians, we are encouraged to keep pressing on no matter what happens, no matter what comes. God’s love never promised to keep us away from trouble but it promises to see us through. 
“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” (John 16:33).
The road to the Kingdom of God is not a bed of roses but one of thorns, snakes and scorpions, leading us to problems and troubles but through our storms, God always speaks strength and courage into our lives. Hold on to the promise that you will overcome. Don’t allow your situation to weigh you down. Don’t let your situation mislead you. Every day, stay true to your purpose despite snow or rain. Keep running the straight race through God’s good grace. God loves you just as much as he does any of His children. He promised never to leave or forsake you. Trust Him in good and hard times alike.


1JGod’s ability to meet the needs of His people is everlasting just as He is. He continuesteam2 to work in people’s lives through wonders and miracles. By God’s grace, The SCOAN remains an epicenter of God’s action in changing lives, changing nations and changing the world, through preaching, deliverance, healing and prophecy, among others. Last Sunday witnessed another bumper harvest of God’s blessings as was expressed in the mood of the congregation that fellowshipped at The SCOAN, arriving from various parts of the world.

Addressing the congregation, the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua reiterated the need for leaders to put the interest of their nations above self-interest. The message, which was prophetic in nature, urged African leaders to come together and rescue troubled

He spoke once again on the theme of unity, stressing that irrespective of the different spiritual gifts God has endowed His people with, they are to work together as a team.“Whether you plant or water, we are a team. Each will be rewarded for what he or she does because we are all Christ’s co-workers.”

He emphasized that the foundation upon which all Christians are to build on is Jesus Christ“No one can lay a foundation – because the foundation has already been laid. The foundation is Jesus Christ. So, I must be careful how I work because the foundation has already been laid. The foundation is Jesus and I will build on the foundation of Jesus Christ.”



Osuji InnocentA true Prophet shall say that which he shall live to see accomplish . First of all I want to say thank you to the almighty God for given us his servant ,senior major Prophet TB Joshua. Who in his lives style have honor God in all his doing, even in the extra-ordinary miracle that God is using him to perform, he said am not the healer,but I know the healer,the healer is JESUS CHRIST. Despite the persecution of the enemy to bring him down, God has strengthen him with an unmerited blessing. This show that when you are of God,when you are in God even thou the world reject you,God will being to direct you and when God is for you who can be against you ? No body.

In the past years ,many enemies, the blasphemers have tries to misinform the world about my  mentor, senior major prophet TB Joshua and his ministry ,but they all fail because when someone is in God he is like a tree planted in the river side. The whole world have come to realize the truth and are no longer buying to all the blasphemers have to offer. I 2Lwant to sincerely thank senior major Prophet TB Joshua for affecting my life and thousands of youth all around the world.I want to thank prophet Tb Joshua for what he said, he said  and I quote ” we are able to overcome by putting our mission in the fro-front of our heart and we overcome because focus was not broken.”

My life have never been the same ever since God revealed His servant senior major prophet Tb Joshua  to me. I have come to realize how sweet and loving Jesus Christ is, since then my faith have increased,I have tasted Jesus and I found out that he is reliable and trust worthy.My faith in Christ Jesus have come to understand by the teachings of my mentor senior major prophet TB Joshua that whether Jesus Christ bless me or not He is my lord and my personal savior because HE is who HE said HE is and HE can do what he said HE will do.I want to thank God for the life of my classmate who have come to realize the truth and also become a witness to Christ Jesus.A witness which said that senior Major Prophet TB Joshua is a true servant of the most high GOD.

I want to use this opportunity and call on the thousand of  global viewers all over the world more especially you that is reading this post,I urge you to keep on watching Emmanuel tv. God will bless you. Jesus Christ never said good bye . The best is yet to come !


prophet tb joshua my loveThis is an official statement from Prophet T.B. Joshua. My attention has been drawn to an online article headlined ‘Pastor T.B. Joshua Revealed As Man Behind Al-Mustapha’s Release’ written by Sahara Reporters. 

This article is from the enemy. They should not drag me into the issue of politics. If I was ever to go to Aso Rock, I would go publicly. I have already told you how I met Al-Mustapha. Don’t put words in my mouth. I explained that I got to know him many years ago when a petition was addressed to General Bamaiyi who was the then Chairman of the NDLEA. I spent nine days with them for investigation and they found the whole thing to be a fabrication. 

From there, I was taken to see the president where I met Mustapha. I was able to reveal to them who I am by telling them what was to come as a prophet. I told him that he would spend several years in prison and would be finally released which no one else had ever told him. That is why you saw him coming here as his first port of call. Where there is no vision, people perish.

It is therefore very malicious for Sahara Reporters to attach any political meanings to Al-Mustapha’s visit. At no time did I tell President Jonathan that his political fortune rested with setting Al-Mustapha free, neither did I ever suggest that Chief James Ibori, former Delta State Governor be brought back to Nigeria to assist the president in the 2015 presidential election. 

Count me out of the politics of hatred.

Revolution ! I see people protest to the street !!


3KI am seeing a revolution. I am seeing people take to the street. At the beginning of that protest, it might be stopped. Eventually, it will become so big that it cannot be stopped.

The Way Out: Job creation for the youth and the creation of a new social value system. This is because 90% of youth believe that it is by becoming political thugs that they could be successful, especially because those in the political offices do not want to retire in politics and become statesmen. The youth, no matter the education they have, feel they have no place in politics and there is no job to keep them busy. There must be new orientation. 

In politics, the youth should be considered for important positions such as assistants to the elders. While theStudents protest in central London on 21 November 2012. elders are ministers, the youth could be junior ministers. This little example of being junior ministers can change the situation of things. Tell your presidents – in every department of government or politics, the youth should be junior assistants to the heads of such departments. 

A good example – The chairman of the political party in your country could be an elder while a youth should be a junior chairman under him as the second in command. 

In all appointments in the departments of politics or administration, youth should be considered as second in command. By doing this, we are training them to take over tomorrow. This is because they are leaders tomorrow. 
This is a message to the whole world. This is because revolution is a weapon of change that is coming. 

This is the vision I saw. Revolution is coming when people will take to the street because life has no value anymore to the people out there. 

Any nation that will start it now, will avert the coming revolution. Carry your youth along in your politics and administration especially in ruling your country. I have said it; none of these will go without being fulfilled. 

Read about me and my track record; this is the voice of God.

I realized that my messages right from the beginning of my ministry were never believed until they came to pass. I2 want you to believe this before it happens because it would be disastrous. When we carry the youth along, whenever there is a revolt or situation, they will be available to readily speak to their colleagues and peace will be maintained. The youth want to see themselves represented in every area of life. God bless your nation, God bless the whole world, peace be unto your nations. Those who cry peace to us, prophesy nothing but smooth things. Those who cry peace to you, victory be to you, all is well, unlimited favour, prophesy nothing but smooth things. As surely as God lives, I (T.B. Joshua) will tell you only what God says. If I am hated, persecuted and intimidated because of my accurate prophetic utterances – Blessed be to God who gives the prophecy!

As truth was older than terror so it will survive it, it got the start and it will get the race. The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong, says the Lord. 

When God gives being to the Word, that Word becomes alive. You can speak Word without being but God Himself gives life to the Word. What God says is final. God has all men’s hearts in His hands and turns them as He pleases to serve His purpose contrary to their own first intentions.

I am talking to your country. Let’s pray that God should give our leaders and people in positions a hearing heart.

If this is done, you will still see signs, you will still see protests but those protests will not turn into a revolution. Our youth are more educated than our elders because they are exposed to modern day technology.
The coming ominous signs are disastrous. I am talking to the whole world.

GOD is till saying something !

Osuji InnocentMany times,I always think,how can we make the world a better place for our children and the next generation to come. Unemployment at it TB JOSHUAclimax,nepotism,favor-ism, no wonder why bribing and corruption has become the other of the day . Many youth have refuse to go to school ,why many in school are now dropout, and few that have graduated is still looking for job. Thousands of youth are discourage to go to school,because they belief ,there is no job. Things has fall apart.

I want to thank GOD for the life of his servants all over the world who are fighting endlessly to make sure that poverty is minimized if not totally eradicated. More especially, the life of my mentor senior Prophet TB Joshua, who has embrace the poor,the widow, the homeless,the less privileged and the unemployed youth .He said and I quote ” Love is the greatest ,love look around to see who is in need, and you begin to succeed in life when the pain and problem of other matters to you”, he said the pain of one is the pain of all. LET LOVE LEAD .More especially,been at the for-front TB JOSHUA 1to see that the world at large provide job for the youth.

This is the life I want to live when I become what GOD want me to be, I want to become a problem solvers, because successful people are simply problem solvers.I want to be a friend to the poor,and a brother or father to the homeless. More especially to be a hope to this hungry generation ,GOD is till saying something !

Words are not enough to thank Prophet TB Joshua for allowing himself to be use by GOD Almighty ,and for been a witness to the truth.Who has bring unity to the church of GOD which has been frighten against one another  because of  domination  and population .I want to say,daddy, thank you for everything, what ever you do to the less privileged ,the motherless ,the orphans ,the widows and widowers ,the homeless ,the poor and unemployed youth roaming about the street like a sheep without a Shepard ,that is what you do unto GOD. Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come .This is Osuji Innocent reporting for






SHOCKING CONFESSION! DELIVERANCE from Satan’s Senior Demon,A Lesson For All





centThere is no war between a christian and a Muslim,for long we have been deceived brain-washed ,and told all sort kinds of things that we are not one.They tried to used religion as a political tools,saying this is the true religion,and this religion is better than others,our political leaders cause trouble everywhere. Just because of Power.I remember 37 years ago,during the war between the southeast and the north.It was the youth that suffered,it was the youth that was force to war,many destiny where lost,many carrier was broken,the little kids dies in thousand because of hunger,so painful enough ,many of them watch their parent,been massacre in-front of them. Instead of the leaders who generate the problem to fight,or engage in war in what they assimilate,rather they brought air craft and flew away,non of them went to war,and they were the cause of the calamity.After the war our leaders came back and was given political office. who is fooling who ? There is a proverb that says when two elephant fight it is only the grass that suffer for it. We the leaders are the futures of tomorrow,we should learn from our pass mistake.A mistake that render many people homeless,turn many children to orphans,many husband and wife to widower and widow respectively.

The Boko haram that is the problem of Nigeria today is politics, the top Nigeria politicians can not help to create jobs for the youths,but they can buy weapons of all kinds to the youths and use them for destruction.Why their own biological children are in aboard studying in one of the best universities in the world.To all the youth all over the world , more specially in Nigeria, my name is Osuji Innocent, and talking to you as a fellow youth,please drop down your weapon,and allow peace to rain.I understand your pain,but war is not the best way for a lasting peace,let’s embrace dialog,we are all human begins and no body is perfect,instead of us to criticizes the bad we see,let’s do good to change it.During the bombing that have taken place in the country,both christian and Muslim died,and the Koran says he that kill one has kill all,even the bible also says love your neighbor as yourself. Lets embrace is the greatest.In these case one day love will conquer the greatest enemy. 


Powerful Confession of a Witch-Doctor Following

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